Friday, April 30, 2010



I missed the entire growing season last year, which made me very sad. However I spent a good chunk of it being very distracted by my operation, or by being on the drugs after the operation, or being dreadfully surprised and how much the operation affected me! Then Egoboo hit, then Christmas hit, then our trip over east hit, and then Swancon hit... gosh, this *has* been a very busy six months!

So... what are we up to now?

Well, last week we had a garden party! And not one of those wishy washy garden parties with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit (I've yet to be invited to one of those, so I shall continue to poo-poo them until I get an invite, at which time I shall squeal in a whole new level of SQUEE! and rush off to pick a frock weeks before the party). No. I'm talking about a garden party with poo! (Only one poo. As in, manure. Sheeps' poo, to be precise.)

So, expect some pics of growing, budding, living, unfurling, developing, uplifting stuff, and Saucy Sisters can take off once again!

Sarah P