Saturday, May 29, 2010

Forays into Morrocco - Orange Blossom Carrots

I have been getting random vegetable boxes from Coles for some time now, so I have also been trying out their random fruit boxes. This means an influx of things I am much less likely to know what to do with!

I have never been a huge orange eater. I've never been so in love with the taste or flesh that I have bypassed the inherent messiness and sheer annoyance of having to peel and then segment the damned things. However, with four of the blighters arriving on my doorstep every other week, I had to find ways to cope!

Meet the Moroccan Orange and Carrot salad.

This is actually a pic of the left overs, since we ate it too fast to take a picture. This was lovely, and a fantastic way to use oranges! Yum!

Strangely enough, I don't mind prepping oranges to make salad out of it. I just resent it when I intend to eat it. Yes, I am a bit weird sometimes.

Sarah P

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In The Raw

In the Raw!

I had a raw meal. I was fascinated by the idea that we could eat RAW PUMPKIN! I was fascinated and a bit hesitant. Pumpkin is my favourite vegetable, and I love it baked, mashed, stuffed, pureed, and growing. Raw... was a bit unusual.

I have been following a friend's blog as she did 30 Days of Raw. Her recipes sounded fantastic, and I always love to try new things, so I tried this one, which is Pumpkin noodles with a sundried tomato sauce.

Unfortunately, I ended up very sick that night, vomiting and feeling very unwell. The food was Ok - I was hoping to really fall in love with it a lot more than I did. It was tasty, but the textures didn't work for me, and then I was sick all night. Not fun. Not raw food's fault either, so when we hit Brisbane I leapt at the chance to try a few more raw foods.

I tried a raw felafel with raw chutney, and that was ... interesting. It needed a damn good cooking if you ask me! Again, the texture of sprouted chick peas or broad beans then ground into a paste and dried didn't quite work for me. I think my preconceptions were getting in the way of my really enjoying these sorts of foods, so we also tried some desserts.

There was a mint chocolate slice, which was very nice, but my big favourite was definitely some avocado chocolate pies we purchased. And it turns out they were low carbs, which was awesome! I was no-carbing at the time. We loved the dark chocolate avocado pie, and so did our 4yo! Our 2yo loves anything that's edible, so we knew he would love it too.