Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tom’s Planner Dinner Chart Plans Your Day For Holiday Cooking | Lifehacker Australia

For people who like to be crystal clear with their scheduling, cooking can often be a bit of a problem. Cooking can be quite haphazard, especially if you're using new, untried recipes, or recieving help from unskilled hands.

One way to help make sure dinner runs on time is charts and plans like this one:

Tom’s Planner Dinner Chart Plans Your Day For Holiday Cooking | Lifehacker Australia

This is a Gantt chart, set up to show you visually the overlapping cooking times for items on your menu. From someone who has had parties where she needed to schedule the oven usage - this sort of thing can be a lifesaver!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chicken and Mango Salad

I have been testing recipes for my BIG SECRET cookbook already! Here's a delicious hint of what's to come!

Sarah P

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vegetable Soup

1 cup Soup Mix
1 litre chicken stock (home made)
2 litres water with
8 teaspoons of Vegeta
1 Soup Pack (one stick celery, three small potatoes, one turnip, one parsnip, half a swede, two carrots, one onion)
Left over vegies as desired (this time about a cup of finely chopped brocolli stalks.)

Put all in slowcooker, cook on auto until done. (I let it go for abpout 6 - 8 hours.)

Soup Mix: 50 cents
Chicken stock: Free with last roast chicken
Vegeta... gosh, no idea.
Soup pack: $2
Left over vegies: Free with broccoli from last coop shop.

This made 5 litres of soup!

Sarah P

Monday, January 17, 2011

Good chook pen? | Green garden | ACF Greenhome

I've always wanted chickens. For various reasons they haven't come just yet - but I figure this is a good thing. When I can keep a garden watered for a whole 12 conistent months, then maybe I will be qualified to keep chickens fed and watered for an equal length of time.

This is a fantastic beginning guide to have chickens. There's a lot of on the job skill with chickens, but for the most part every one who blogs about it talks about how easy it is. Less work than cats or dogs, chickens are fun, productive and useful in the garden.

Personally, I just like watching them interact with each other and play in the garden. The eggs would be an awsome bonus!

Good chook pen? | Green garden | ACF Greenhome

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blogging Challenge!

Hello and Welcome!

Wish me good luck! Wish me well! Wish me some awesome words! I've joined up for a blogging challenge. What was I thinking?? I have been dared to write two blog posts a week for the next 111 days. Gosh that's a lot of days!

I hope every one's braced and ready! I have heaps of things I'm going to chat about, and I hope you will all let me know which ones you like, don't like, or even love.

I am joining the Julie Isaacs SHINE Challenge.

This is what I have agreed to do:

1.  Decide how many times per week you want to blog--preferably twice a week or more

I've gone with twice, since I also have other blogs I am updating

2.  Add a comment on this post with your blog address, and how many posts per week you're committing to


3.  Use the hashtag #SHINEonline to communicate with other bloggers who are participating in this challenge
Did that! When I decided I was joining.

4.  Sign-up below if you would like to get blog tips and articles sent to you, along with blog challenge updates, and information on free teleconferences.

Yeah, did this too. It will  be interesting to see what we get. :-)
5. Start blogging!

Ta da! Am doing!

SaucySisters is an important blog to me as it's a forum I love to play with - feminism, homemaking, and the ways we interact with our homely duties. Also, I have loved blogging with my Sister Sarah, and our Guest Sarahs too. Mostly I like to also invite people into my world, show pics of cute kids and also show the things I like to do in my house, such as the ROI on my Garden and the preserves, jams, and recipes I like to play with. I am doing some projects which directly tie into how I like to run my household, and I'm hoping every one will appreciate the things we do every day to make sure JOY has space in our lives.

So watch out world, here we come!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clean Plate : The Second Obstacle to Sensible Eating: Money

Clean Plate : The Second Obstacle to Sensible Eating: Money

This is an interesting article looking at one of the other barriers to being able to eat nutritious, healthy food. It's not an in depth article, but the links it provides to various American sources of what Americans should be spending on food is interesting.

I have often read the American food plans provided for those of low income, and from my point of view they are fascinating for their cultural differences.

How much do we spend on food in a week is a crucial question these days as inflation, floods, fire, famine and world economies affect our loaves of bread. How much do you spend on food?

My aim this year is to spend $400 or less per month on food for the four of us. This does not apply to now, of course. With the operation last week, I have bought $400 worth of pre-prepared foods to make life as easy as possible during my convalescence. If we're super organized, we'll spend about $80 on fruit and veg until February.

However, we're only human, and to be honest we just had Dominoes Pizza for dinner, which if I included in the food budget was another $26. But my budgeting adventures can start properly in February, when I'm back onto my feet and with my gaze firmly on the future.

I have holidays to save for, dammit! Swancon ahoy!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Feed for Saucy Sisters on Livejournal

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Ta da!


Secret Project!

I am working on a secret project!


As any one who follows this know, I love to play with numbers. Income, outgoings, spending, ROI, costs, budgets.... FRUGALITY!

Frugality is no longer 'making do' as we're now in a WORLD OF PLENTY!  Now, frugality making CONSCIOUS CHOICES ABOUT YOUR TIME, FINANCES AND LIFE.

What does this mean??

It means making informed choices based around YOUR LIFE CHOICES before you even spend a cent!

I have a new motto and new plans.

My plan is to provide you, my awesome and lovely readers, with PLANS and SYSTEMS to help you get your home life under control! And in the extra time you save, with the extra money you save, and with the extra LIFE you save, I want YOU to provide JOY!

I will help make your life EASY if you provide the JOY in doing so!

I am so excited! Sarah P's New Secret Project is in the formative stages. Stay tuned for more exciting new snippets and hints to come!

Sarah P