Monday, May 30, 2011

Back Up Box!

Starting a Backup Box

I hate shopping. Let me just say that up front and get it out there. I resent the fact I need o spend time buying similar items every two weeks for my entire life. I like to daydream ways to minimise the time I spend shopping!

Today's post is about a backup box. It's for when my re-ordering systems fail me for whatever reason, and I find myself genuinely without an item and I don't want to go to the  shop for a few more days yet. 

Things that mean my household grinds to a halt and I have to go to the shop...

Dishwasher pellets


Sandwich fillings

Toilet paper

I think everything else I can put off. So in my backup box I should have...

Dishwasher powder

Powdered milk

Flour and yeast


Toilet paper

 If I am serious about this, then I should be able to make my fortnightly shop last a proper fourteen days despite minor emergencies. If I really wanted to be hard about this, I would include stock cubes and a packet of dried soup mix so we always have tasty emergency soup too! 

What would you have in your Backup Box? Would you include a main meal backup?

Sarah P