Monday, June 06, 2011

A New Hobby (well, kind of new!)

I always used to moan about how the only thing my hands were good for was typing. (Oh, and cooking!) But then someone sat next to me and patiently taught me to crochet. It was fun, kinda, and for a while there were small granny squares littered around the house, and we'd kick them out of the way. I think in the end, I disposed of them thoughtfully.

However... this year I I decided I would actually make some projects. The granny square thing never amounted to anything, and I liked the crochet bit but not the ending or  beginning bit. So I decided I would make a blanket, but with GIGANTIC granny squares! I would only need to start once, and finish once, per ball of wool!

What an awesome idea!!

Anyway, this helped me to make 2 blankets, and since then I have been on fire. It also helped me get over my dislike of starting and finishing, and so I have started numerous other projects and have no problems doing the smaller fiddly bits that used to annoy me.

I will post pics as we go, otherwise I am on Ravelry and FB. The pic above is one of my sick day scarves. One of the things I have learned is that one ball of wool because you like it isn't enough. New rule is a minimum of three balls if I actually intend to finish something!

Sarah P