Thursday, March 01, 2012

What Did You Think if my Month of Harcombe?

And now February is over!

And I have posted photos of my food for most of the month. It was a funny month, as the car absorbed all our spare money, so a lot of the decisions about food reflected the priorities of both health and cost. I hope you enjoyed this month, and we've got some exciting ideas for the next Month of ... Pictorials.

So how does every one feel for having made it this far with us? Did you enjoy seeing what we had for dinner? Were there too many photos? Would two or three times a week have been better, or perhaps once a week and interspersed with some actual posts?

Let me know what you think! Comment below and tell us! Thanks for keeping us company this month - I had a ball!


Transcendancing said...

I love the daily post even if it takes me a week to get to them. I enjoy all the photos! Occasionally I want recipes/processes for the things you do. Particularly, things you do that save you time :)

huckle said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed it - always fascinating to see what people eat. Interestingly I didn't find your diet as extreme as I had imagined - I found through your blogging that I already eat pretty much a harcombe diet without noticing :-) Its been great that you have found a way of eating that suits you and makes you feel good.